Syl’s Mechanical began with Sylvin Cockrum; working alone as an experienced millwright, equipped with his tools, and a clear vision of growth and expansion.

In 1980, Sylvin, the company founder, realized there was a need for a variety of mechanical services in Northern Saskatchewan’s diverse industrial sector.  Working out of his home near Rapid View, SK, Sylvin established Syl’s Mechanical Company Ltd. to meet those needs.

Since that time, Syl’s Mechanical has become a leading multi-trade contractor serving the forestry, mining, oil and gas, as well as agricultural industries in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Since its small beginnings, Syl’s Mechanical has become known for its ability to attract highly skilled, safe, and knowledgeable workers. Syl’s employees understand the industry’s need to have service work completed in a professional, safe, and timely manner. Through our expanding programs, we now have a dedicated group of tradesmen and supervisors with extensive skills in planning, scheduling, and job execution. We have put the right people in place that enable us to complete jobs on or ahead of time all under the ever important canopy of safety.

Maintaining our reputation is very important to us. Our consistent high quality, professional work is why we are called back time after time to mills, mines and, other work sites. Our services restore your plant to optimum operating conditions in a safe and proficient manner.

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