Trade Services

Whatever your need, we have a tradesperson ready to work for you! We have a skilled group of tradespeople that can handle your industrial repair or construction needs.  Call us for virtually any size crew to suit your downtime or emergency repair requirements. Our construction crew has grown and we have been busy with renovating, new builds, and insurance claim repairs.

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       INDUSTRIAL INSULATING                       INDUSTRIAL MECHANICAL                                 CONSTRUCTION

Below is a list of trades we have available for hire.


We provide mechanical services to address your down time or expansion projects. For your planned maintenance, we are efficient, safe, and reliable.

  • Ask about our:
  • Emergency Maintenance Response Services
  • Shutdown Planning and Execution Program


Safety Credentials

We believe: Getting the job done in a timely fashion is key to our success. However, getting the job done safely and consistently, is critical.  That is how we have acheived an RIR of zero over the past four years.

We are: Saskatchewan SCSA and Alberta ACSA COR Certified, Alberta and Saskatchewan Boiler Branch Safety Assoc. Certified, Contract Members of ISNetworld, and PICS Auditing. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm.

We do: Daily Toolbox Meetings, Hazard Analysis/SOPs, Investigations on all Near Misses and Accidents, Safety Recognition

We have: A Health and Safety Program that guides our behaviors and work systems.

At Syl’s Mechanical Company Ltd……..Here We Care About People!


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